Legacies make a lasting difference

The Legacy Yearbook website has been set up to assist individuals who are planning to make a will and are interested in leaving a legacy to charity. The website is an addition to our charity magazine, The Legacy Yearbook, published annually, which also provides invaluable information when considering leaving a legacy to a charity.

Whatever money or possessions you have, it is important to make a will to ensure your wishes are honoured. Most people simply don´t get round to it – which is bad news for many families of loved ones who die intestate every year and also for charities who rely heavily on bequests.

Leaving a legacy to a charity is still the most effective way to support your favourite charity and fortunately more people are thinking about leaving a donation in their will. We provide a comprehensive list of charities for your consideration when contemplating leaving a legacy and whatever type of charity you may decide to give to, we are sure you will find that charity within our website.

Legacies are the foundation for many charities in the UK and are vital in making sure that all their good work can continue.

  • St Tiggywinkles
  • Woodside

    Caring for Animals Since 1885

  • Care International
  • Retirement Today Magazine - The magazine for pre and post retirement

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